The Aseal Group began operations in Costa Rica in 1995 to become the company Food Advisory Alfa, SA Its founder, Atilio Carbo Descalzi, wanted to serve the dairy industry with a service-oriented company. Curiously the company was going to be the name of Serilac (Service for the Dairy Industry) as well as the Dairy House. Finally we wanted to have in the name the word ‘advice’ to differentiate ourselves from other companies offering raw materials and find that clients feel supported with an external consultant. Also I did not want to limit the scope of the company in the dairy sector.

Thus a family tradition was continued after his grandfather Descalzi Atilio Mendoza has formed the company Distribuidora Descalzi in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Descalzi was the first company in Latin America since 1930 represent the supplier Chr. Hansen, the leader in raw materials for the dairy industry.

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