Baking Goodies: How to Increase Volume and Shelf Life


Every baker wants their baking goodies to yield faster and have a longer shelf life. We at Insepra have the solution. (available in a simple Tablet form for ease of use)

Ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, is a fundamental supplement found in citrus organic products. It is utilized as a bread improver which creates an expansion in portion volume and an improvement in crumb structure in bread dough.

In heating, it is utilized as an oxidizing operator for mixture blending. It likewise replaces ADA and other batter conditioners.

In breads, ascorbic acid improves the capacity of the batter to hold gas and yields bread with a better cell structure.

Bread crumb becomes softer to contact yet has the strength to recuperate quite a bit of its unique shape after pressure.

It performs the following functions in baking:

  • Increased product volume
  • Enhanced cell structure
  • Enhanced crumb softness
  • Lengthened product shelf life
  • Improved mold-free shelf life

ALL YOU NEED IS: 0.15-0.20 g to 10 kg flour!

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