Customer Appreciation – Electrical Industries Group

We Appreciate Our Customers

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary and as part of our customer appreciation program, we are very proud to present an award to one of our longstanding customers who has been with us for over ten years. We presented this award to Mr. Heston Burgess, Assistant Plant Manager at Electrical Industries Group who was very elated to receive such a token. Both Mr. Heston Burgess and Mr. Derek Lawrence, Managing Director of Insepra Limited took some time to exchange a few words and reminisced on how their relationship has grown and how the services offered by Insepra Limited have added value to their manufacturing process and products. Mr. Burgess expressed his gratitude for the impeccable service received from Insepra Limited throughout the past years and we couldn’t be prouder as a company to hear the most positive feedback. It was definitely heart-warming, to say the least! To EIGL we say thank you as we look forward to continuing to provide the best service to your organization in the years to come.

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