Customer Testimonials

Caribbean Development Company Ltd

Mr. Ainsley Pustam

- Quality Manager

“Insepra has always had a strong service culture – their presence in my facility lends to ease of communication and technical resolutions for any issues. This makes their speed of response very fast.”

“Insepra has the right team and model and has provided us with this high level of support over the years.”

Electrical Industries Group

Curtis Forde

- Deputy Plant Manager

“Of course I would recommend the company and product to others. They have proven to be undisputed in the area and product they supply.”

“The best thing other than the reliability is the upkeep and the quick response to all our requirements.”

Island Roofing

Director Operations

“Insepra is not concerned with the “one off” sale, they are in it for the long haul and repeat business. They continuously provide suggestions on new innovations and products.

There was always an immediate response form Insepra to any issue encountered.  A technician would be dispatched almost immediately.”