C & F Industrial

Adhesives and Glues DuroTack®

Designed and formulated adhesives using our knowledge, experience and excellent service, focusing on delivering a solution of the highest quality and efficiency to the industrial and commercial sectors according to the requirements of each cliente.acuerdo to the requirements of each customer .

  • Durotack DT-1013 Pad Binding Adhesive
  • Durotack DT-16840 – Formation of Cores for Tissue converting.
  • Durotack DT- 7030CAC – Toilet Roll Tail Seal Adhesive.
  • Toiler Roll Tail Seal Adhesive
  • Durotack DT-7018 Pick-Up Adhesive in Tissue Converting and Labelling.
  • Durotack DT-7011 Laminating Adhesive for tissue converting
  • Durotack DT-6790 Book Cover Laminating Adhesive.
  • Durotack DT-1152 -Envelope Flap Adhesive
  • Durotack DT- 1045 Envelope Side/Centre/Bottom Seam Adhesive
  • Durotack DT-6015 Window Patch Adhesive for envelope and Bonding of Acetates and Coated Services.

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