G-Series Outer Case Success in Trinidad and Tobago

Coding And Marking Systems Trinidad

Channel – Insepra Limited, Trinidad & Tobago.

Sector / DIC Code – 1317 / Food, crisps and snacks.

Nestlé’s production plant in Trinidad & Tobago requires a one line variable code including a date to be printed on their outer case cardboard packaging.

Domino Challenge

The key challenges were the price of purchase and the running costs – here the competition, Anser, were offering U2 Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) printers that seemed to be significantly cheaper and had won the deal earlier. However, these units started failing within six months of installation and were very high maintenance.

Domino Advantage

As a new Domino distributor for G-Series, Insepra – headed by Derek Lawrence, MD – worked closely with Nestlé and undertook a very successful trial using a Domino G220i with two print heads configured in a single group and coding with TIJ-BK651 water based ink. This solution convinced the customer for the following reasons:

  • Pay-Per-Print contract, making running costs easily calculable and giving a very attractive overall cost per print.
  • Multiple-head operation onto the existing brackets (key to the application) was possible.
  • No maintenance required (in contrast to the Anser units)
  • Technical support and training provided.
  • Insepra’s technicians on call in case of emergencies.


After the initial requirement, Nestlé then decided to replace their Marsh printers currently running their other packaging line with a second G220i as the total cost per print (high volume at the required quality levels) achieved per cartridge was very attractive: an initial 5-year contract has been awarded for the 2 x G220i with a total of 4 print heads.

Please contact Javier Zabala, BDM Latin America, for further details.

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