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August 21, 2015
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November 24, 2015
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Integration of INTREX Labelling Systems with Domino

ANSA Coatings Limited Trinidad also known as Penta/Sissons Paints requires automation and labelling of paint cans with printed bar codes and color type after filling. In addition to provide a universal mobile unit that can label and code various products types with unique shaped packaging both in metal and HDPE material.

Challenge – the key challenges were price of purchase, running costs, the versatility of having one unit that can be used especially for varied packaging types in metal cans and HDPE bottles and most of all space. …here the competition Label House Ltd, were offering a similar technology and were previously the preferred supplier however their previously supplied unit was never commissioned and too costly for re-building.


As a new distributor for INTREX , a Polish based company, Insepra Limited headed by Derek Lawrence , MD, worked closely with the International Sales Manager , Krzysztof Spychala and an Intrex engineering team to find a solution. This solution convinced the Directors of ANSA Coatings for the following reasons

  • The custom designed units were economically viable.
  • Easy to use
  • Integration of the Intrex Labler and DOMINO Thermal Transfer Overprint ( TTO) Coders were able to apply real time printed bar codes and colour types.
  • Local training and technical support
  • Ethernet connection for remote repair.
  • Service Engineers available on call
  • Low Maintenance Costs.
  • Intrex experience as the largest supplier for custom designed labelling systems used in Paint Manufacturing throughout all Scandinavian Territories.


  • Manual Labelling and coding application now automated.
  • Increase daily output
  • Lower labelling costs.
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