Our Team

Insepra’s team comprises people with a wealth of knowledge and experience, both technical and financial led by the principals:

Mr. Derek Lawrence,
BSc. Chemistry/Geology
Managing Director
Mrs. Nicole Lawrence,
Financial Director

Other team members

Mr. Ryan Alexander
Operations Manager
Mr. Alvaro Pena Planchard
Export Business Manager
Amanda, Pauline and Dianne

Regional Team Members

In addition to this we are supported in our export territories by an automation engineer to facilitate the Cuban business, a sub-distributor with a team of five (5) professionals based in the Dominican Republic and a commercial and technical partner in Jamaica. These regional partners are:
La Roca & Rod S.A
Santo Domingo, DR.
Mr. Rafael Odalis Rodriguez
Sub-Distributor in the Dominican Republic.
Provides Sales and Technical Services
Elevate Services
Mr. Dominique Davis and
Mr. Andre Bennett
Provides Technical and Commercial Support in Jamaica
Mr. Ander Torres Lopez
Provides Commercial and Technical Support in Havana, Cuba.