Paper Converting Adhesives

Envelope Gums

Run at faster speeds and deliver the high quality your customers expect with our proven envelope gum formulations. Our flexible, environmentally advanced gums perform on a variety of equipment types and substrates.

Graphic Arts and Bookbinding Adhesives

Improve your end product and streamline your processes with our adhesives that focus on enhancing your quality, increasing efficiency and reducing cost. We formulate adhesives and primers for every type of bindery operation from spine gluing hard cover books, paperback, magazines, telephone directories and catalogs to special tipping and casing applications.

Multi-Wall Bag Adhesives

Boost your performance with lower basis weights by collaborating with our dedicated team that deliver the  innovative adhesives you need. Whether you are laminating, spot pasting, seam sealing or creating a pinch bottom, our adhesives perform on a wide range of high-speed equipment. Simplify operations, accelerate processing and reduce energy costs with our EasyBlend™ cold-water soluble starch blend innovation.

Paper Laminating Adhesives

Advance your processes and products with our versatile line of water-based adhesives that provide high wet tack, fast setting, low board warp and blister free finishes for lay-flat laminating. Our innovative Airsperse® line of foaming adhesives expose corrugated material to less water for a warp-free, premium quality finish.

Folding Carton Adhesives

Advance your processes and products with our versatile line of water-based, synthetic resin adhesives that provide high tack, fast setting bonds forfolding carton applications  laminating. Our innovative Swift®tak line of adhesives you can bond substrates at all speeds, satisfying demands from both operational and procurement stand points.

Tape and Label Adhesives

Rely on our market-focused team to deliver a comprehensive line of pressure-sensitive adhesives for your pre-coated tape and label needs. From emulsions and hot melt adhesives to UV curable and extrudable formulations, we work closely with you to understand your requirements, validate products in our pilot coating facility and deliver value.

Tubewinding Adhesives

Get more mileage and quick setting with our multi-purpose water-based adhesives for tubewinding. Our adhesives build a firmer core for cans and tubes, improve crush strength and provide good repulpability with solid performance on a variety of corestocks and processing speeds.

Corrugated Adhesives

Optimize your operations with the help of our dedicated team of experts focused on your corrugated needs. Our leading-edge adhesive technologies for glued lap, laminating and corrugated starch additives provide the breadth and depth required to address your toughest challenges.

Bath Tissue and Paper Towel Adhesives

Achieve increased line speeds and higher productivity for your bath tissue and paper towel products with our full line of disposable hygiene adhesives for corewinding, transfer, lamination and tail tie applications. Learn more about the H.B. Fuller adhesive technologies and absorption solutions by contacting one of our representatives today.

Packaging Opening Systems

Our expanded portfolio of packaging opening systems provides an easy to use feature to effortlessly open boxes without the use of knives. Whether you need a retail ready shelf packaging solution or an easy opening system to access the contents of the package, we have a complete range of opening systems available. Learn about our easy access and retail ready applications below or discuss your custom packaging needs with one of our experts today.

Packaging Handles and Hand Hole Reinforcement

Our specialized tapes and reinforcement packaging solutions provide product and consumer handling protection by preventing handles and hand holds from tearing out. With reinforced handles, our sesame® tape and Enforcer™ solutions, allow a decrease in packaging material and operational cost per carton while maintaining or improving performance.

Packaging Reinforcement and Containment

Our fully integrated packaging reinforcement and containment systems add strength to critical stress areas of a box, bin or tray so you can reduce board weight and final package cost without sacrificing performance.

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