Signwave is one of the most innovative sign manufacturers in Trinidad And Tobago since 2004. Covid-19 has pushed the limit for the need of innovation and adaptivity to what we now consider the “new normal” Signwave has shown their diversity not only in sign manufacturing but also used their talents in satisfying Covid-19 preventative protocols and requirements.

The Story

Insepra Limited procured Signwave for their services to create and install signs, partitions as related to the Covid-19 guidelines established by the MOH . Insepra Limited being the local distributor of Tesa adhesive tapes introduced the Tesa line of products which were used in all the applications. The performance of the varying tapes along with Insepra’s support, reliable supply, and competitive prices inclined Signwave Limited to transition the use of Tesa Adhesive tapes for all their adhesive tape applications including banner applications. Signwave is now enjoying all the related benefits.

Mounting of Signs Outdoors Tesa Double Sided ACX Tape

Assembly and Mounting of Partitions Tesa Double Sided ACX Tape

Mounting of Signs Indoors Tesa Double Sided Foam Tape

Tesa ACXplus 7044
Tesafix 4965 (Banner Tape)
Tesafix 4952

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