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SMI is a local and leading manufacture of Truck Bodies within the Caribbean. Within their process for many years they used a 1” Double sided adhesive tape for structural support within the framework of the truck bodies reducing the use of rivets.


SMI was exploring areas of reducing operational cost, the area of adhesive tapes was examined.


Within our Local market for high bonding applications it is customary to use a 1” type double sided adhesive tape due to fear of possible failure


Insepra’s experience and technical knowledge of our products presented a solution our Tesa ¾” 7065 ACXplus Double sided Adhesive tape, a narrower width alternative tape to perform the same task as the competitive 1” Double sided tapes, due to the adhesive strength of our ACXplus line, our ¾” 7065 ACXplus Double Sided tape was put to the test and held up to the challenge giving the same results as the competitive 1” tapes performing all task equally and out performing in some areas.


SMI trusted in us and took the step out of the ordinary which resulted in great cost benefits, with the narrower width tape came reduced cost resulting in significant cost savings thanks to our new Tesa Line of Tesa ACXplus double-sided tapes.

Tesa ACXplus 7065 provided a bonding solution that increase production efficiency, reducing the application time significantly.

Our acrylic core tapes offer extremely high bonding strength making them particularly suited to mounting applications. They are perfect for fast and secure constructive bonding on interior and exterior surfaces.


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