Staff & Company Activities 2021

We Enjoy Serving Our Clients But We Also Love Our Team

From staff tournaments and celebrations to showing team members our appreciation, we love to bond with our team.
This is one of the reasons why we can provide such a phenomenal service to our clients.

Administrative Professionals Appreciation Week

Insepra took the time to show appreciation to its Administrative support team by treating our Admin staff to a catered luncheon. We believe that a strong administration is absolutely essential for maintaining office decorum and seamless day-to-day operations and we truly are grateful for these members of our staff. Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping the vessel running!

All Fours Tournament

Insepra is not only about business. We like to have fun to! We challenged our teams to an All-fours tournament and they definitely brought their A-game! Throughout the competition, the members of each team rooted for its players and brought out their competitive spirit. In the end, the Team that took home the trophy was Team Green Mango with Team Soca taking second place. All in all, it gave everyone a chance to come together to enjoy some good friendly competition!

Breast Cancer Awareness

 Insepra is doing their part to raise awareness by supporting the breast cancer awareness initiative. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, apart from skin cancers. Being diagnosed with breast cancer alters the course of one’s life. While each person’s experience is unique, knowing that others have gone through something similar can provide the support and inspiration necessary to keep things in perspective and can be a beacon of light during troubled times.

Employee of the Year & Other Awardees

We show appreciation to our awardees who have performed outstandingly throughout the year 2021 with the Employee of the Year title being copped by Sterling David- Service Engineer, Employee of the Year Runner Up, Alastair Connor- Technical trainer and Most Improved Employee, Narvin Roopansingh- Export Sales Engineer. These men did exceptionally well by bringing new customers on board, ensuring that our men are properly trained and by providing 24/7 remote and physical support.

World Kindness Day

Insepra celebrates World Kindness Day!

For a week, every employee was given a cup to collect little notes written with words of kindness anonymously by each of their co-workers. Take a look at some of the snippets and smiling faces we caught while everyone finally read their kind notes! This is a reminder that how we view ourselves may not be the same as how others look at us.


International Women's Day

Happy Boss Day

Doing our part

Independence day

End of Year ‘Cool Down’

For our end of year ‘cool down’ and as the start of paying homage to our customers across the region, we decided to start off with celebrating and recognizing our customers in Cuba by having traditional Cuban styled food and drinks. We also dressed the part with our laid-back wear and Cuban hats and cigars! It was definitely a fantastic way to end of the year!

Look beyond the division and work towards making the world a better place.

Happy World Humanitarian Day!

Year End Gift Giving

We sprinkled some Christmas cheer by presenting our staff with Christmas hampers fit for the season! Our Managing Director and other department managers also shared some messages of gratitude and looked back on the past year!

Christmas Greeting & Year in Review

Mother's Day

Father's Day

Quarterly Breakfast



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