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What is Track and Trace?

Track and Trace has been an increasingly concern in the manufacturing industry as of lately. In the distribution and logistics of many types of products, track and trace or tracking and tracing, concerns a process of determining the current and past locations (and other information) of a unique item or property.

This concept can be supported by means of reckoning and reporting of the position of vehicles and containers with the property of concern, stored, for example, in a real-time database. This approach leaves the task to compose a coherent depiction of the subsequent status reports.

Another approach is to report the arrival or departure of the object and recording the identification of the object, the location where observed, the time, and the status. This approach leaves the task to verify the reports regarding consistency and completeness.

Technology and Standards

The international standards organization EPCglobal under GS1 has ratified the EPC network standards which codify the syntax and semantics for supply chain events and the secure method for selectively sharing supply chain events with trading partners. These standards for Tracking and Tracing have been used in successful deployments in many industries and there are now a wide range of products that are certified as being compatible with these standards.


Because of this demand, Persequor build SAGA, a highly scalable software solution for the track and trace industry with close collaboration with partners.

SAGA is the heart of the EPCIS solutions which Persequor brings to the market. Based on scalable technologies it enables storing, processing, and analysing billions of track and trace events. SAGA is currently running at some of the world’s biggest manufacturers. It keeps track of each and every produced item, its packaging, shipping, re-packaging, all the way to the retail layer.

What we offer?

We at Insepra are willing to work alongside companies and manufacturers in providing a complete track and trace solution. This solution incorporates:


  • Project Manager Designation: it is essential for the project success, to designate a Project Manager responsible for the Serialization and Traceability Program.
  • Requirements:process analysis, integration (integrate serialization into your existing systems) and interfaces. Regulation compliance impact and validation plan definition.
  • Build and Design (development): customization of software solution, interface development and integration with production lines solution.
  • Implementation:Application configuration following design. Integration test in Pilot environment. Users training. Integration with authority’s repository.
  • Validation:Software solution validation and equipment qualification in QA instance, according to the validation plan.
  • GO LIVE:Production launch. Vendor assistance in the early production stage.


  • Updates, adaptations, and modifications: for new workflows, new partners, technologies updates, new markets.
  • Regulations changes: in your local country or new regulations in countries you produce for, and its impact on your current compliance.
  • Monitoring: to ensure Compliance with regulatory reporting to the authority, to avoid defaults, returns, inspections and sanctions.
  • Assistance service for incidents resolution in real time.

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