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Our tissues are beautifully soft, luxuriously strong, and highly absorbent

So you can count on them to never let you down. We are one of Trinidad’s leading manufacturers of bath tissues and other related paper products.

Customer Review

“Great Product! The Tail Seal Adhesive provides performance that enables strong penetration through multiple layers of Tissue, delivering fewer loose tails, reduce waste, increase productivity and reduction of ply mismatch resulting in reduced customer complaint, while maintaining exceptional clean release performance.

Over the years, Venn Caribbean’s biggest challenge to offer a quality finished product and efficiently running production lines has centered around the Tail sealing of our product. In the past, we have had massive loss of time having to clear jams on our conveyors because of unsealed rolls. The paper would just ravel off the rolls. Workers would have to rewrap rolls before they could put the rolls to be packaged. Not with Insepra’s Tail Seal Adhesive. It would normally take a bad adjustment on our machine for this to happen when using their product. On the few occasions that we have had to use anyone else’s product in the plant it has been a horror story. Glad to have this product available. Cannot imagine ever switching”.

Perry Mahabir
Sales Manager – Venn Caribbean

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